Heart-centred sales: How to serve without the hard sell

Heart-centred sales: How to serve without the hard sell

The key takeaway is that people who want to make a difference to others do their customers a disservice when they hold back from making offers and selling their services. Instead of feeling uncomfortable about sales there is a way to sell that feels totally authentic, congruent and comfortable – for both them and the client.

This involves:

– The difference between heart-centred sales and the more traditional sales approach
– Why trying to “close the sale” and “handle objections” doesn’t work for a caring business and often pushes the customer away
– Coming to see sales as an important part of the service and difference you make to your customers
– 3 tips you can implement straight away to avoid coming across as pushy, even inadvertently
– How to respectfully acknowledge and deal with any concerns your customer might have about buying from you.
– How you can have effective sales conversations that guide your potential client to a decision to buy from you – if it’s right for them.

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