How to Install WordPress on Addon Domain by cPanel (3 Simple Steps)

How to Install WordPress on Addon Domain by cPanel (3 Simple Steps)

In this video, you will learn how to install WordPress on the addon domain Cpanel. or how to setup multiple websites on one hosting account.
Also, you can use new domain on existing hosting panel.

This means you have existing web hosting, but now you purchased a domain from a different place, and now you want to use the old hosting for this new domain.

Here you see a domain that I purchased a few days ago, where it has no hosting connected.

This is the existing hosting that I purchased a year ago.

Now, I will connect the domain with this hosting and install WordPress.

First, go to the domain panel and click manage domain. You may see manage nameserver here. Just click here.

You will see a change nameserver here.

Select a custom nameserver and paste the nameserver of your hosting server.

Here I see my nameservers. You will find this in your hosting panel. If you don’t find it, then contact your hosting support.

Copy and paste them.

Press save changes.

Nameserver changing is successful.

Half of our work is done.

Now jump back to your Cpanel page.

Search for the addon domain option, which is situated under the domains section.

Click addon domain.

And copy the domain URL, in which you want to install WordPress through the addon domain.

Paste here, and press on add domain.

The addon domain has been created. Connecting the domain and existing hosting is done.

We just need to install WordPress here.

Now search for WordPress manager now.
Here is that.

Click here.

To install WordPress on a new website, click on install.

Select the domain you added.

Remove the subdirectory from the box.

Create your username and password for your WordPress dashboard.

After doing these, scroll down and click install.

The WordPress installation is in progress.

Congratulations, WordPress is installed successfully.

Let us refresh the website where we just installed WordPress.

Look, the website is no more blank now. You see WordPress theme active here.

Here this website is showing a not secure warning because we just added this domain to our hosting, SSL is installed in the background. It may take 30 minutes to be okay.

So, this is the updated method of installing WordPress on the addon domain through Cpanel.

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