What is DNS | Domain Name System | Explained

What is DNS | Domain Name System | Explained

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In this Hostinger Academy tutorial, you will learn about what DNS is and how it works. We will also dive deeper into DNS servers.

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🕒 Timestamps

00:00 – Introduction
00:18 – What is DNS?
01:16 – How DNS works?
01:57 – DNS servers
02:05 – Root nameservers
02:14 – TLD nameservers
02:36 – Authoritative nameservers
03:05 – Nameservers
03:40 – Outro

The Domain Name System matches IP addresses to human-readable domain names, making it easier for people to visit websites. All computers on the Internet find and communicate with one another by using numbers, and these numbers are known as IP addresses. Basically, we could say that a Domain Name System is like a phonebook of the Internet, and it’s a communication bridge between humans and computers 🤓


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